Screen Print Series

This project is based around a character I have been developing called the Sidekick. Prior to this project I did project featuring the Sidekick in a triptych series. This particular series is called stolen, in this series the Sidekick is fashioned to look like a robber but printed in different split colors. The whole series was screen printed by me in different sizes and sold to different customers.

The Sidekick character is usually shown in a creeping fashion so I figured the attire would fit the personal perfectly. The character itself is based off of different experiences I had during my youth growing up in Delaware and hanging out in Ocean city Maryland.


Original ink drawling of character

Original Drawling created using size m Faber Castle pen, drawn on 8.5 x 11 card stock.

Print Series

Size – 16 x 20in, colors – red and blue, printed on bristol board. Image one of two printed.

Size – 8.5 x 11in, colors – red and orange, printed on card stock. Image one of five printed.

Size – 4 x 6in, colors neon greed, and dark green, printed on mixed media paper. Image one of five printed.

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